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As a part of our commitment to improving healthcare, we provide free resources and tools to help organizations deliver safer, more reliable care and reduce patient harm.

Here you will find tools and resources, including presentations and materials from our webinars, in-person meetings and others that we have vetted and believe will be valuable to you!

Getting There Guide

Engage the right people on your performance improvement (PI) journey

Successful improvement depends on the engagement of many people and roles in all levels of a healthcare organization. This resource provides a helpful overview of the art of engagement to accelerate your organization's improvement.

This guide is designed for healthcare leaders looking to better engage their organization's leadership, providers, clinicians, and non-clinicians, from the 'top to the bedside'.

Download here: Getting There Guide

Blueprint to Fight the Opioid Epidemic


Improve outcomes and reduce opioid-related deaths with our Blueprint to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

Nationally, opioid misuse and addiction have become a serious crisis, resulting in thousands of overdose deaths each year. Providers and communities have struggled to stem the tide.

Our team of experts has played a key role in developing and spreading proven strategies to reduce opioid-related deaths in the acute-care setting through: 1) Identifying how to assess opioid care practices, 2) Developing a framework to improve outcomes, and 3) Convening a workgroup of organizations engaged in this work to highlight bright spots and support the rapid spread of evidence-based practices among hospitals.

Hospitals play a critical role in addressing this public health crisis.  A “reachable moment” for many people with opioid use disorder is at a hospital, either as a patient in an emergency department (ED), maternal child health unit, outpatient surgery or as a hospital inpatient.

The Blueprint to Fight the Opioid Epidemic provides proven strategies and outlines foundational building blocks  hospitals can use to design and implement initiatives to improve outcomes and reduce opioid-related deaths in a way that fits the needs of the particular hospital and the community they serve.

Download the Blueprint to Fight the Opioid Epidemic and get started improving opioid care in your hospital and community.

Download here

Implementation Guide Part 2

A How-To Guide for Improvement for the ADA/HRET HEN Partnership for Patients (Part 2)

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Implementation Guide Part 1

A How-To Guide for Improvement for the ADA/HRET HEN Partnership for Patients (Part 1)
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Getting In Guide

A Roadmap to Successful Hospital Partnerships

This tool is a helpful guide for those working to build collaborative relationships to achieve performance improvement and increased patient safety.

Designed for quality improvement leaders at the state-level, this guide shares proven strategies from the field on how to build successful partnerships with hospitals, even when connection is challenging.

Download here: Getting In Guide