To create the day when suboptimal care is eliminated; when safe, reliable and affordable healthcare is a reality for every person.

Bruce Spurlock

President and CEO of Cynosure Health

Jennifer Ricards

Executive Vice President

Kim Werkmeister

Senior Vice President, Improvement & Implementation

Erin Schneider

Senior Vice President, Operations

Improvement Advisors

We will vastly improve healthcare by using innovative, tailored solutions driven by elective implementation. As thought leaders in partnership with our clients and a network of world experts, we combine superior talent with hands-on involvement and rigorous management to deliver pacesetting results.

Alexandria Stack

Director, Programs & Strategic Initiatives, Cal Hospital Compare

Barbara DeBaun

Improvement Advisor

Jackie Conrad

Improvement Advisor

Maryanne Whitney

Improvement Advisor

Steven Tremain

Physician Improvement Advisor

Operations Team

Tracy Fisk

Program Manager

Helen Plass

Project Manager

Sam Simpson

Creative Director

Laura Francis

Project Coordinator

Natalie Graves

Director, Research & Implementation

Sydney Anderson

Content Manager