We offer highly efficient solutions in key healthcare improvement areas: 


We partner with you to build your organization’s improvement capacity beyond the quality management department. We equip your leaders, especially managers, with the skills and tools they need to deliver frontline excellence.


Our team of national experts will guide your organization in delivering reliable, sustainable, enterprise-wide quality and safety. We support implementation of effective practices and lessons from leading organizations at a pacesetting speed.


Hospitals are data rich and information poor. They’re constantly challenged to make data-driven decisions not because there are too few measures, but because of data overload and limited organizational capability and resources. We are here to help you navigate these complexities!


We provide coaching designed to increase the leadership and improvement capability within individuals and teams. Coaching is focused on uncovering and building upon inherent strengths and knowledge to equip leaders with the foundational skills required to be an effective change agent in a rapidly evolving and uncertain environment.


Our team can help you overcome inertia, break through the barriers and improve operational effectiveness. We have expertise in multiple methodologies: Applying the Baldrige Framework, Change Management, Creating a High Reliability Organization (HRO), Lean, Six Sigma.


Whether you are faced with licensing and accreditation issues requiring immediate correction, or creating a process to ensure ongoing survey-readiness, or just need a bit more assistance, Cynosure can help. 


Our approach starts with an assessment of your needs and current capabilities. Depending on the project we may: review your data, interview key staff and leaders, review written documents such as policies and plans and observe practice. By assessing your current situation and gaps we are well positioned to offer you targeted solutions.

Cynosure differs from other firms in that we do not offer the same “off the shelf” solution to all of our clients. Using our vast experience we can pull from our menu of tools and resources and design a project that will help your organization reach its goals both further and faster.

Having a great plan is essential but we know that real improvement occurs in the execution and implementation phase. At Cynosure we are fully prepared to offer technical assistance. We believe that we can be the most helpful by working side-by-side with you and imparting the knowledge you will need to accomplish large scale change now and in the future.

How will you know that the changes you are making are resulting in the improvement you desire? We will help you to answer this important question and guide you in the development of outcome, process and balance measures. Additionally, we will guide you in measurement methodology and analysis.

At the end of the day you want the work you are doing to matter. As a result of our past engagements we can proudly reflect upon many thousands of lives save, many thousands of harms avoided and many thousands of re admissions prevented. We want you to reach your goals and we will partner with you in the journey.



Having engaged over 700 Critical Access and rural hospitals across 31 states, Cynosure Health’s team has extensive experience at the state, regional, and local levels improving healthcare in rural communities, whether adapting solutions to match available resources or developing tools and resources to improve outcomes in a rural setting. 

Learn more about Cynosure’s current project focused on 300+ Critical Access Hospitals across 11 states.


Our Subject Matter Experts cover a range of Topic Improvement areas including, but not limited to:

Antibiotic Stewardship – C.difficile – CAUTI – CLABSI – Falls/Falls with Injury – Opioid Stewardship – Pressure Ulcer – Readmissions – Retained foreign body – Sepsis – Surgical Site Infections (SSI) – VTE – VAE/VAP

Learn more about Cynosure’s Subject Matter Experts.


20+ years of experience in the field of Quality Improvement & Patient Safety has led us to extensive knowledge, creation, and implementation of QI techniques with hospitals around the nation. Some of our key QI focus areas include, but not limited to:

Baldridge Framework – Building QI/PI Capacity – Data Analytics – High Reliability – Hospital Value Based Purchasing – Lean – Safety Across the Board – Six Sigma – Teamwork

Learn more about our past work.


Core to Cynosure’s priorities are the patients and family caregivers. We deeply believe that the best way to make informed decisions is to incorporate patients and family caregivers into all aspects of our work.

Learn more about how we are incorporating Patients & Family Caregivers into our current projects.


In addition to our core buckets of expertise, we provide services and expert knowledge in the following ares:

DATA & MEASUREMENT: Finding the data, Data Analytics, Displaying Data, Data Driven Decision Making, Hospital Value Based Purchasing

CRITICAL CARE IMPROVEMENT: ABCDEF, Airway Safety, CAM, Delirium, Mobility, Rapid Response, Sedation

EFFICIENCY: Care transitions, Choosing Wisely, Lean/Six Sigma

ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE: Engagement (Staff, Leaders, Physicians), High Reliability Organization, Just Culture


Check out some of our recent projects directly impacting hundreds of hospitals around the nation, created & facilitated by Cynosure Subject Matter Experts.