Cynosure Health - Twenty Years of Impact

In 2019, we celebrated 20 years of improving healthcare at the local, regional, and national level. After two decades of pioneering work to increase safety and improve outcomes in the healthcare market, Cynosure Health continues to drive sustained, high-impact change. The healthcare landscape has changed dramatically since Cynosure Health began this work – payment reform, technological innovations, and changing demographics have shifted the drivers of performance and created new demands on the entire system.

Our work has spanned hospitals, federal and state agencies, foundations, state hospital associations, skilled nursing facilities, health plans, community-based and home-health organizations, medical and provider groups, and local communities.

Through consistent, meaningful engagement with individuals, institutions, and other healthcare stakeholders, Cynosure Health is positioned to continue fostering innovative solutions that address healthcare’s toughest challenges.

Are you ready for the next 20 years? We are.

What is your toughest healthcare challenge? We are ready to help you discover innovative solutions to help you address it.

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Cynosure Health - Twenty Years of Driving Sustained, High-Impact Change

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to save lives and improve healthcare organizations.

We’ve achieved far-reaching results over many years of all-scale experience, working with healthcare organizations ranging from hospitals to health systems, pediatrics to long-term care providers, and acute care to skilled nursing facilities. Our steady focus on driving harm reduction across multiple clinical areas has resulted in significant improvements, including:

As Cynosure Health commemorates its twentieth anniversary, we celebrate our accomplishments in several key areas:

Driving High Impact Change in Clinical Improvement
  • Our work has resulted in over 100,000 lives saved, over 3 million fewer patient harms or avoidable readmissions, and over $20 billion in costs savings.
  • For example, our work has led to significant reduced harms across multiple clinical areas, such as 76% reduction in CAUTI, 37% reduction in sepsis mortality, 14.5% reduction in surgical complications, 13% reduction in avoidable readmissions, and 22% reduction in ICU length of stay.

⦁ Advancing the Field in Data and Measurement
  • For example, leading a multi-stakeholder, statewide measurement and public reporting initiative in California called Cal Hospital Compare

Adapting Cutting Edge Solutions Across Diverse Settings
  • For example, helping over 200,000 small group practices transition to the Merit- based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) through Quality Payment Program (QPP) Small Underserved and Rural Practices (SURS)

⦁ Accelerating Innovation in Patient and Workforce Engagement
  • Cynosure Health has worked with over 2,000 hospitals, federal agencies, foundations, state hospital associations, skilled nursing facilities, community based and home health organizations, medical groups, retail pharmacists, and local communities. During this time, Cynosure Health has conducted over 1,000 events with over 40,000 participants, focusing on dozens of clinical topics.
  • In one year alone, Cynosure Health’s team of eight Improvement Advisors conducted a total of 231 learning events, with 26,500 participants.