There are many opportunities to improve opioid stewardship in the inpatient, emergency department, and community environment; however, all strategies start with remembering that opioids are an adjunct to non-opioid pain management and should only be used when other agents and modalities are insufficient…and then only in the lowest dose and shortest course with the fewest pills.
Opioids are the add-on, not the other way around!

This workshop, facilitated by Cynosure Physician Advisor, Dr. Steven Tremain, was held in Louisiana in June of 2019. A morning goal included performing an opioid safety strategy gap analysis on the topics presented and then determining which would be the next improvement effort, the first small test of change, and the name of the champion.
The analysis process was repeated in afternoon. This time with regards to the emergency department and office care and how they could begin to improve opioid safety there.

The day’s activities included: Interactive didactic, Gap analyses, Table top and Report out Next Steps.