Under Cal Hospital Compare’s Opioid Care Honor Roll Program, Cynosure team members Alexandria Stack and Bruce Spurlock are leading a three-year effort to reduce opioid use disorder (OUD) and related deaths, increase access to addiction treatment for acute care patients, and recognize the progress of individual hospitals. With the support of the California Health Care Foundation and California Bridge, the program is working to identify where California hospitals are succeeding in treating patients with OUD and opportunities for continued quality improvement.

Hospital administrators, providers, and staff have an opportunity to help reduce chronic opioid use and future overdose deaths by offering evidence-based care, effective alternative pain management approaches, addiction treatment, and overdose prevention. You can read more about this work in a recent blog post here.

Check out the Cal Hospital Compare website to learn more about the 2020 Opioid Care Honor Roll Program and the application process for California hospitals, view relevant resources, and register for the webinar series, which is helping hospital leaders accelerate their implementation of opioid care best practices.