Promoting Early Progressive Mobility in the ICU with the GET UP Campaign

What is Progressive Mobility?

Progressive mobility is defined as a series of planned movements in a sequential matter beginning at a patient’s current mobility status with goal of returning to his/her baseline (Vollman 2010)

What are the ‘Must Haves’ for promoting mobility?

MUST DO #1: Walk In, Walk During, Walk Out!

  • Determine pre admission ambulation status
  • Don’t assume a frail appearance means weakness
  • Use Get Up and Go or Timed Get Up and Go test to assess ambulation skills

MUST DO #2: Grab and Go Mobility Devices!

  • Gait Belts in every room (Gait belts are used to help control the patient’s center of balance)
  • Patients and staff have access to mobility devices
  • Safe mobilization and patient handling training for staff

MUST DO #3: 3 Laps a Day, Keeps the Nursing Home Away!

  • Track mobility: document frequency, distance
  • Create a culture of mobility
  • Make it visible (e.g., Walk of Fame Ambulation Board)