Health Care Webinar: How Leaders Can Persevere and Inspire in Tough Times

For health care leaders, providers, and other workers, the past 3 years have been nothing less than unexpected. Between a pandemic, workforce shortages, provider and staff burnout, natural disasters and widespread financial challenges, we have certainly been put to the test.  

But through it all, some organizations have found ways to persevere and even thrive. So how do you, as a health care leader, create the conditions that will allow your teams to respond to hardships or unexpected scenarios? What skills or strategies can you use to trudge forward in tough times, and enable your team to do the same?  

In our Resilience Roundtable 2023 – Leading in Tough Times: Applying Cross-Sector Lessons on Resilience to Health Care, we’ll explore exactly those questions.  

Join us April 20, 2023 10am-1pm ET for a conversation with resilience experts from across the globe to explore the cultural, strategic, and operational factors that will allow health care organizations to preserve in challenging and uncertain times. Together, we’ll learn about what has worked in both health care organizations and other industries to promote resilience. We’ll explore how to translate theory into practice and will leave the session with actionable ideas about how to lead more effectively, no matter the challenges you face.  

Check out the range of topics covered and all-star line-up of panelists you’ll hear from in this health care webinar:  

Moderated by Bruce Spurlock, CEO, Cynosure Health and Julie Morath, Senior Advisor  


Setting a Strategy that Promotes Resilience (10 am - 11am ET) 

CHARLES VINCENT, PHD | Professor of Psychology, Oxford University  

JAN HAGEN, PHD | Professor of Management Practice, ESMT Berlin  

PETER ANGOOD, MD | President and CEO, American Association for Physician Leadership 


Creating a Culture that Enables Resilience (11 am - 12pm ET) 

AMY EDMONDSON, PHD | Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School  

SARA SINGER, MBA, PHD | Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine  

TIM VOGUS, PHD | Professor of Management, Vanderbilt University 


Operationalizing Systems to Respond to Unexpected Circumstances (12 pm - 1 pm ET) 

DAVID GABA, MD | Associate Dean for Immersive and Simulation-based Learning, Stanford University School of Medicine  

LIBBY HOY | Founder + Chief Executive Officer, PFCCpartners  

JOHN CHESSARE, MD, MPH | President and CEO, GBMC HealthCare System 


If you’re ready to enhance your health care leadership skills, register for this resilience in health care webinar today